One Call
Unlocks Hundreds
of Physicians

Gone are the days of calling repetitively to find a willing physician capable of meeting your needs within the required due time. Our administrative team specializes in physician management, assisting the physicians to ensure timely submission, completion, or scheduling.

Our Unparalleled

Our skilled and experienced administrative staff initiates and facilitates the necessary processes for our physicians. We provide you with a personal representative who is available and familiar with your needs. We offer a systematically proven process with a highly effective approach that adapts to your needs and compliments your current processes.

Time is

Our industry depends on timeliness. Therefore, we prioritize time management second only to quality. You can be assured that your requested service is delivered with the utmost in productivity and efficiency.

Our Impeccable

We set the standard of excellence for independent reviews. Our relentless quality and consistency makes us the preferred vendor to many risk management and insurance companies, law firms, and independent review organizations. We are trusted to deliver at the highest level in the shortest time, all while strictly adhering to all evidence-based guidelines.